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Volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House of Orange County


I grew-up spending a lot of time doing volunteer work in our community. My mother raised me knowing the importance of always taking the time to give back to our community. Now that I am a mother, I work hard to instill the same value in my children. Every summer, we plan a community service project to do together as a family. Both Amy’s family and mine spent a day volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House in Orange County.

Why the Ronald McDonald house? It has a special place in my heart. When my youngest son Tyler was born premature, I never left the NICU. Sitting in a rocking chair watching my baby fight for his life inside of a plastic box while watching his monitors, I bonded closely with the mothers of the babies who were next to mine.

Not all of the families who had their children in the NICU with mine lived close to the hospital. Many had their babies transported, and they lived too far to be able to go home and rest. The Ronald McDonald House of Orange County took care of many of my friends families giving them a warm place to stay, a warm meal to eat, and household of caring volunteers.

After having a baby, we are supposed to eat as healthy and nutritious as possible, but when your baby is in the NICU your diet usually ends up consisting of potato chips, skittles and anything else that can be found in the hospital vending machines.

We arranged a night where we would bring in all the food needed to provide a warm meal for families living in the Ronald McDonald House. It meant so much to be able to show them my thanks, for taking such great care of my friends by giving back to the families currently living in the home.

Amy and I were able to eat dinner with many of the families living in the home. We were there to lend an ear to the families, and we got a chance to meet many amazing families. Our children enjoyed spending time with the other children, and Andrew walked away with a new pen pal that will be moving back to Mexico after his care.

Volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House of Orange County was an unforgettable evening that both of our families will cherish in our hearts forever. There are many ways that you can help the Ronald McDonald house too. Please see our article on how you can help today.

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