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Walking with Dinosaurs Invade the Discovery Science Center

We attended as a guest of Discovery Cube
Walking with Dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand next to a dinosaur and see how it looked, moved & acted in real life? Well it was mom’s choice on Mother’s Day & I couldn’t resist the temptation of an up-close encounter with a “real” baby T-Rex from the worldwide sensation Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, coming to the Honda Center September 3-7.



The Discovery Science Center hosted the sneak preview and added the extra special touches, as usual, to make it an afternoon we wouldn’t forget. We were greeted at the door with gift bags full of lots of dino goodies and of course a flower for mom in honor of the special day. My little guy was all smiles in anticipation of meeting a “real live” dinosaur!



We started our adventure in the Discovery Theater where we watched a 5 minute video preview highlighting the making of this incredible arena spectacular. We were amazed to learn that it took over 6 years & millions of dollars to create these life-like creatures. Each large dinosaur weighs approximately 1.6 tons & takes a team of 3 people to operate it!




Next we headed upstairs to the Workshop where the little ones enjoyed hands-on dino themed activities while Pregasaurus (that’s me) fed on dino shaped cookies like they were going extinct.



It was finally time for us to experience our own version of Jurassic Park as we headed outside to the Dino Quest zone. We heard a few quick words from Matthew Rimmer, the Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular spokesperson, who didn’t waste much time getting to the main attraction. Before we knew it, a baby T-Rex emerged from behind the building and sprinted towards us like nothing I’d ever seen. It was by far, one of the coolest moments I’ve ever experienced. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a dinosaur come at you full throttle!


The “little” guy is actually the only dinosaur in the show that is operated by a single actor inside the unbelievably life-like suit. The way he moved was incredible. He came up close enough for us to touch him & one kid was even brave enough to stick his head inside its mouth!


My two-year-old was in awe even though his clench around dad’s neck indicated he was scared for dear life. Mother of the year over here probably scarring the poor kid for life but I’m not too worried considering he hasn’t been able to stop talking about it ever since. “I see dinosaur. I touch T-Rex. Rarrrrr!”

We will 100% be going to see this spectacular show when it comes to town in September. Even though we won’t be able to get up-close & personal with the large dinosaurs like we did with baby T-Rex, there’s no way we’d pass up the opportunity to see these creatures in person moving and acting the way they did millions of years ago. This show is a must see!

To learn more about Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, check out their website ( and follow them on Facebook ( & Twitter (

Megan is an Orange County implant from Las Vegas who currently resides in Rancho Santa Margarita. She is the loving wife to her college sweetheart & mother to her very active 2 year old son, Declan. Most recently she has added “unpredictable pregnant lady” to her list of titles as she is expecting a little one later this year. Besides being mother, housewife & pregnant woman extraordinaire, she is also the VP of Sales & Marketing for When she’s not busy helping businesses take the viral world by storm, you can usually find her strolling around RSM Lake, biking through O’Neill Park or frolicking through the happiest place on earth.
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  1. If you ever need a review of anything dinosaur or Disney from the perspective of a Mom with twins, one being high-functioning Autistic, I’m your gal! My son would have been in heaven at this event!!

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