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Want to Start Keto on a Budget? Here Are Some Tips

The ketogenic diet is a type of diet that makes people completely turn their eating habits upside down. The high-in-fat and low-carb diet is the complete opposite of the diet habits of contemporary society. Most people have a mindset where they do not find enough time to prepare meals for their families and themselves so they go for the alternatives like fast food, restaurant delivery, and some similar solutions. What they do not know is that this food is high in unhealthy oils, high in carbs, saturated fat, and sugar. These ingredients do no good to our body, metabolism, and immune system. People avoid the keto diet under the excuse that it is way too expensive. Well, it does not have to be the case. You can start your keto completely on a budget and have a very positive effect on both, your general health and weight loss. Here are some tips on how to keep your keto dieting on a budget. 

Skip Packaged Keto Food

Whenever something becomes a trend, most of the influential companies are the first to hop on the train of the mass production of the trendy products. Keto dieting is definitely one of the most famous current trends and there are some companies fighting for the leading position for the production of keto-to-go products. Companies like this make keto meal replacements like bars, fat bombs, shakes, etc. These are not the actual meals and they downgrade the whole idea behind keto dieting. These foods are processed and the point of keto is to eat whole food. Aside from this, these processed keto meal replacements are overpriced and can draw out more money than you will spend on meal preparation for the entire family. 

Do Not Forget Your Veggies

Keto is so much focused on fats and proteins that some fibers gotten from the veggies are pushed aside. This is not a good approach since the fibers found in some veggies like lettuce or cauliflower are essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of the muscle and heart fibers. Precut veggies can be quite pricey, so one of the ways to save a dollar or two is to buy whole veggies and watch some YouTube tutorials on how to chop them like a pro. Additionally, veggies are low in carbs. Some countries dealing with obesity like the global problem are working on raising awareness on how much veggies are important in our diet. For instance, low carb food in Canada includes all sorts of veggies and fruits, nuts, protein bars, some sorts of meat, and beans with a low net carbs index. And all of this is because of the well-known problem of obesity that is spreading like the flu due to poor eating habits. 


Choose your cuts of meat wisely if you do not want to spend all the money you have. Whether the meat is aimed for the commercial market or is organic will highly affect the price tag in the butcher stores. The easy way you can save your money is by buying the meat parts that can replace some others. One of the examples is the chicken thigh which is considerably lower in price than boned or boneless chicken breast. The same principle goes for the other meat types. Accordingly, the beef rib eye is double in price when compared to the chuck roast.


You should buy these beans if you want to keep your carbs low and your protein intake high and efficient. One of the greatest tricks you can pull out for lowering your grocery bill by buying these beans. A half-cup of low-sodium black beans has 11 grams of net carbs. While a half cup of black soybeans will cost you considerably less and still have amazing dieting perks. For a cup of black organic soybeans, you will get 1 gram of net carbs along with 7 grams of fiber. You will get better results by having a can of organic black soybeans than ordinary black beans and will pay a lower price. 


If you have decided to include fruits in your keto diet, then, unfortunately, you do not have a lot of options. A medium-sized apple can have up to 20 grams of net carbs so that it is the instant dropout. However, berries will do the job. Berries are low in net carbs and very high in fibers so they will be amazing for your keto smoothies and the perfect topping for the keto pancakes. The problem with the berries is their price unless you buy them frozen. When frozen they can be easily portioned and used in a number of different recipes. 

You can make your keto diet on the budget by making some smart choices. The best piece of advice for the newbies is not to go with the trendy products but the ones that will have the same effect for a considerably lower amount of money. 


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