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How To Wash Stuffed Toys Without Ruining Them

Most kids love stuffed toys. They take it everywhere they go, treat it as their friend, and find comfort with it. However, these plush toys can become dusty and filthy, as well as pick up sweat and other smells. As a result, they’ll need constant washing, particularly if your child plays with them all the time. So, how should stuffed toys be washed without worrying about ruining them?

Can You Wash Stuffed Toys?

Plush toys come in various shapes, designs, colors, and styles. If you visit here, you’ll be amazed by how stuffed toys catalogs continue to become more extensive and attractive to children. However, no matter how charming and cute they are, they’ll start to look dirty or smell musty over time. So, if you’re unsure if it’s okay to wash stuffed toys, there’s no need to worry. You may and should wash these stuffed toys.

Washing Stuffed Toys: A Step-By-Step Guide

Keeping toys clean is very important as they easily collect dust. Dirty stuffed toys can be hazardous to children, especially those who have asthma or skin allergies. Fortunately, they can be laundered in the same way as garments. Here’s a step-by-step approach to washing your plush toys.


  • Inspect The Stuffed Toy 


Washing stuffed toys don’t have to be a hassle. But before starting the washing process, it’s important to do the following:

  • Look For The Care Tag

Typically, stuffed toys and plushies have care instructions on their tags. Tag inspection is also how one can usually tell if a stuffed toy or a Squishmallow (especially rare Squishmallows) are legit. Make sure to examine them well and see how you can wash the toy without ruining it.

  • Color Test The Fabric

Not all stuffed toys can withstand being rubbed against diluted detergent. Thus, you should color test the fabric of your toys to check if the colors fade when washed with detergent.

  • Know When To Wash Them

If a youngster owns the cuddly toy, it may be best to wash it once a week or after they get ill. Nevertheless, wash as needed, especially if the stuffed animals begin to look dirty or stink.


  • Machine-Wash, Hand-Wash, Or Spot Clean


In deciding how to wash your stuffed toys, you have three options: machine-wash, hand-wash, or spot clean them. Most stuffed toys can be cleaned in a washer. However, some of them, like those with electrical components, built-in battery parts, or furry designs, should be hand-washed. Find out more about when to machine-wash or hand-wash stuffed toys below.

  • Machine-Washing Stuffed Toys

If you’ve determined that washing your child’s toy in the washer is safe, know the steps to safely do it. To begin, you must first protect the stuffed toy to safeguard it from wear and tear. Individually place them on a mesh bag or in a zippered pillowcase. Set your washing machine on gentle wash settings to keep colors from fading. Then, feel free to use your regular detergent. Lastly, take the stuffed toy out of the bag and air dry it.

  • Hand-Washing Stuffed Toys

If the toy is made of a delicate fabric, has built-in batteries or electrical components, or has design elements glued, then you should hand-wash it. Besides that, it’s also the ideal method if the stuffed toy is too big to fit your washing machine.

You can hand-wash the toy in a basin, in a sink, or in a bathtub. Take a basin of cold water and add a tablespoon of detergent to it. To mix, swirl the ingredients together. Soak the plush toy in the soapy water and gently massage it. Rub the toy gently, especially in dirty areas with your fingertips. Remove the toy from the sink or basin, and squeeze out the water without wringing it out. Otherwise, the stuffing will bunch up. Finally, switch on the faucet and squeeze the toy under flowing water to rinse.

  • Spot Cleaning Stuffed Toys

Sometimes, you don’t need to wash your plush toys to clean them. If there’s only minimal dirt and you only want or need to clean certain areas on the toy’s surface, you can spot clean it. 

To begin spot cleaning, mix a teaspoon of laundry detergent with a cup of water that isn’t very hot or very cold. You can test colorfastness by putting a cotton ball in water and tapping obscure parts on the toy. If the toy’s color doesn’t transfer to the cotton ball, gently wipe the toy’s surface with a piece of cloth to remove the grime. Once finished, use a moist cloth to wash the soap off of the toy. Then, let the toy dry.


  • Dry Stuffed Toys


Some toys can be put in the dryer. However, given the materials of certain stuffed toys, most do better when dried outside. For faster drying, wrap the wet toy in a towel and gently push it out. Continue until you can no longer press out moisture. Finally, you may lay them flat on a drying rack or hang them out in direct sunlight.

The Bottom Line

Whether your kids or pets love to play with stuffed toys, keeping them clean without ruining them isn’t impossible. Although washing them may take time and effort, the end results will be worth it. Follow the steps above to keep them clean and safe at the same time.

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