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Watch Tips: What You Need To Know About Bulova Timepieces

It is truly rewarding to browse through different brands and types of luxury watches, especially if you have a ready budget. However, doing so makes it a little overwhelming for some. What most people don’t know is that shopping for a luxury watch requires ample research to get to know the brand and manufacturer better. Through this, you can be sure that you are choosing the right timepiece that will be with you for a long time.

Bulova is one of the most popular names when it comes to luxury watches. It has established a reliable reputation which makes this brand successful. To help you get to know this watch manufacturer, we will give you some highlights on the different things that you need to know about Bulova watches.

Where did it all begin?

This luxury watch brand is owned by Citizen Watch Co. It’s a Japanese multinational conglomerate that is well known for producing high-end watches and clocks. It was in 1875 when Bulova was launched in the world by Joseph Bulova. It has headquarters in New York City which is the heart of fashion and style in the US. Because of its exceptional potential, Bulova made it easier to penetrate the market.

The key techniques in producing Bulova watches are inspired by traditional Swiss watch manufacturing. Their timepieces are made with the most intricate details and most previous materials. Because of that, Bulova has become an instant hit not only to men but also to women. Soon enough, the brand launched various types of models which became popular in the athletic field. The Bulova that we know today is inspired by the fusion of the art of making analog game clocks and the modern design of watch manufacturing.

Different Bulova watch collections

Through the years, Bulova has launched a variety of models and collections that made a mark in the watch industry. Here are some of the timepieces that are worthy of your time and investment.


  • Bulova Hack


The Bulova Hack timepiece is an iconic watch with an Ivory dial. It is designed with stylish time indicators which are perfect for formal and casual occasions. It has a distinct layout that will certainly draw attention to everyone who wears it. This timepiece is made with stainless steel and paired with a high-end leather strap. If you are looking for an everyday watch that will elevate your attire, this piece is best for you.


  • Marine Star


The Bulova Marine Star is popular with people who love to embrace an active lifestyle on water and seas. It is built with features that are helpful for divers such as chronographs and subdials. It comes in a variety of designs that will fit every person’s individual interest. Moreover, each has unique materials which make it susceptible even to long exposure to water.


  • Bulova Classic


The Classic collection is for professional men. It is designed with elegant and sophisticated ensembles that are a perfect match for suits and coats. If you want to live life with style, this model is for you.


  • Special Edition Archive Digital Computron


Bulova makes sure that they will always update their collection based on the needs of the modern market. Because of that, they released a special edition digital computron timepiece. It is made with a digital quartz movement which is perfect for both athletic and everyday use. This model has a unique rectangular dial which sets it apart from other digital watches in the market.

Where to buy Bulova watches?

Bulova is a classic timepiece that is popular worldwide. Because of that, it’s easy to find locations where to buy these elegant timepieces. Here are the different avenues to check:

  • In-house boutique – there are a lot of Bulova boutiques all around the world. These stores have the most recent and updated selection of Bulova watches which makes them more convenient to buy. It also housed some of the special edition timepieces which are perfect for collectors.
  • Third-party jewelry stores – Every luxury watch is common to many jewelry stores. Bulova is one of them. If you cannot find any nearby boutique, you can always drop by at any jewelry store and you will surely find a Bulova timepiece for you.
  • Online watch stores – One of the most convenient ways to purchase a Bulova watch is by buying from an online watch store such as TheWatchCompany. It’s an e-commerce website that handles a variety of watch collections for enthusiasts and collectors. The best thing about online stores is that you can purchase a watch anytime, anywhere.

Key takeaway

Every watch collector knows that the key to finding the perfect timepiece is exploring all your options. May this guide help you decide that a Bulova watch is worthy to spend your hard-earned money on. After all, it’s been around for years which makes it a reliable and dependable brand.

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