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Ways To Help Your Children Perform Better At School

Our kids are the most important thing to us and helping them thrive and grow in life is what we are here for. We are here to help them become functional members of society and set them up to tackle the world head-on. When they start school it’s a huge change for them and can be very overwhelming, it will take a while to adjust sometimes but they get there in their own time. It’s not all up to the school and teachers though, there is still a responsibility on the parents and things that need to be done to help them with the school. 

Homework help

The Morning Routine 

How your children start their day can be very important in how the rest of their day goes. If they wake up with just a small amount of time to get ready and eat breakfast and being rushed can make them feel tired and not ready to transition from waking up to being at school. Try to wake up a bit earlier so they can wake up properly, eat breakfast, maybe watch some tv or have a little play and get to school on time. You can also start incorporating independence into their routine by setting out their clothes so they can get ready by themselves. A good thing to incorporate for children who may struggle with routines and focus is to set out the morning and the day with them. So explain what they are going to do before they go to school so they know what to expect. It helps children feel more prepared and then won’t act out.

What’s For Breakfast?

A quick cereal bar on the way? Or letting them go to the shop on the way to school and get something themselves, which is probably going to be high sugar and processed. If you’re in a rush it’s easy to have these as a go-to. However, they will have a sugar crash by 11, not feel full and be distracted for a large portion of the day. If you’re able to make breakfast for them in the morning this is the best option or tips of early on the better choices to make for their breakfasts. Protein is an important one as it will give them energy and keep them feeling full and is good for them overall. Another important element to make sure is added in is fruits and vegetables depending on what they have if they’re having something savoury like an omelette they can add in some vegetables. If they’re having something sweet like porridge or maybe pancakes then adding fruit to this is a great option. Helps him get in their daily recommendations on the fruits and vegetables as well as given the nutrients they need to help them grow. It will keep them feeling full, keep The feeling focused on school work and be able to feel better throughout the day.

Homework Time 

Homework is a large part of the school. It’s an important part of something that they will have to deal with throughout the whole of their school life. Even for the very first year, they start they will have homework even if it’s just a book to read. You will read it with them of course but it’s important to support them early on. By supporting and helping them do it will give them a good focus on it. They also need help getting a good routine to make sure that they do it and check it done rather than leave it till the last minute, rushing it and potentially getting a worse mark because they have not put the right effort and focus into it. You can help this by over the weekend or after school each day just check in what homework they have when it’s due and you can sit and plan with them when to do it and if they need help with it. A big part of school life will be reading. And a lot of that can also be incorporated into the homework. It’s important to make sure that children are reaching their reading milestones and getting through books that can expand their knowledge and understanding. There are different ways you can encourage this by incentives of potentially giving them a small reward every time they finish a good-sized book or you can make it a competition to see who can read the most books throughout the year. It will be fun for them and they will benefit greatly from it as reading is the best way to gain knowledge.

What’s For Lunch?

You’ll be surprised to hear what some kids end up taking to lunch at school. Leftover fast food, something not substantial and sometimes just nothing at all. Lunch is an important part of their school day. It gives them chance to get re-energised, recharge and get ready for an afternoon of more learning. So many children face issues of being overweight because they end up being fussy about what they are eating. Incorporate some different choices and change up what they take each day so it’s something tasty, nutritious and healthy. You can make it more fun with cut out shapes and things. So if you are sending them in with cucumber and carrots for a snack you could cut those into star shapes so it looks more fun and inviting to eat. You can change up from the normal sandwich by letting them take pasta salad, sushi, crackers with cheese and fruit, wraps with something like turkey, cheese and cucumber or ham and tomato. Then as added extras, you can add fruit, vegetables, crackers, hard-boiled eggs, cheese cubes, yoghurt or trail mix. You could even make up a few days worth of things to keep in the fridge and let your children choose what they want to take that day. Children change their minds on what they like to eat so quickly, so adding in the element of choice gives more chances that they will eat it all. 

Getting Extra Support With School Work

All children learn in different ways and all children take in information in different ways. Sometimes that could even be different to the way that we learn and we may struggle to help them with certain things in the homework. Schools can also have quite big classes which mean that your children may not get the right support and help they need throughout the workday which could leave them fully behind, confused with certain things and needing more one-on-one time. If budget allows, a great way to tackle this and help give your child the best chance is to hire a tutor. By hiring a tutor, dedicating that time to your child only to help them learn in the way they do, explain things so it sinks in and also help them with their homework to do the best they can. These days you could even get tutoring online where they could sit and have a video call with your child to go through everything with them as well as face-to-face options and even being arranged for the school. You could get a tutor that we could go through the whole school with them and help them with anything they’re struggling with. You can also get tutors which have specific focuses so if your child is particularly struggling with math or science then you can get cheaters who specialize in those fields and can help them transform their grade and understand better and thrive in that subject.

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