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Ways To Make The Best Out Of Your Toaster Oven

Get to know the different ways you can use your toaster oven to prepare amazing meals at home and make the best out of this little equipment.

Toaster Oven Tips

Toaster ovens have been here for quite a while now. But today, they are more popular than ever. No wonder why you can find them in almost every household nowadays. There are various reasons why this appliance became a staple in our home. A common reason for becoming so popular is the convenience it offers.

These ovens are not gigantic heat producers that our grandmas used. They are compact, easy to use, cost-efficient, and offer all the benefits of those old school ovens, and more in some cases. You can use your toaster oven for a wide array of cuisines. Some of them even offer multiple cooking techniques. This article highlights some of the best ways to use your toaster oven and whip up some amazing dishes at home.

So if you are not sure how to use your toaster oven or if you can’t decide if you should invest in a toaster oven, this article will shed some light on the different ways to use your toaster oven. Continue reading to know more.

Small Batch Cookies

Who can resist cookies? Especially if they are your favorite ones. If you have a toaster oven at home, you can make your cookies at home anytime you want. A freshly baked piping hot cookie easily beats any other store-bought cookie. The crunchy outside and soft and warm inside are sure to please you.

Whipping up a cookie dough is not that hard. You can find many recipes online. You can even switch ingredients up a little if you want. That’s always a plus if you bake your cookies. You can add as many chocolate chips or walnuts as you like. Because a toaster oven is much smaller it is less likely to fit in more than a dozen and a half cookies or even less depending on the size of the cookies. That is why you need a small batch cookie recipe. However, some recipes allow you to let the dough rest for a while before you bake it.

In that case, you can make a bigger batch and bake it in several batches.
You can even save the dough in the freezer and bake it whenever you need it. Because you will be using a toaster oven, they will be done in no time.

Berry Muffins

In the summer when your garden gives you the ultimate gift of fresh berries, one of the best ways to enjoy them is to make some fresh berry muffins. Be it strawberries or blueberries, they will bring a refreshing taste to your breakfast muffins. You will be amazed how an inexpensive toaster oven can help you make muffins that are better than store-bought ones.

Making these muffins is pretty simple. All you need to do is to make yourself some vanilla muffin batter and mix in the fruit of your choice. To make it easier, you can even use the store-bought muffin mixes. They will work just as fine.

When you are mixing the fruit in the batter, there are a few factors to keep in mind. What you can do is, roll the blueberries or the strawberries in some all-purpose flour and then gently fold them in. when you are working with delicate matters like batter and fresh fruits, it’s wise not to mix them too vigorously. If you roll the blueberries in flour, the flour will soak up the excess moisture and prevent the muffins from getting soggy.

After the fruit is mixed in, you can transfer it to the pan and bake it. While baking muffins, it is very important to get the oven preheated. So make sure to preheat the oven for about ten minutes. This way the muffins will cook faster too. They should be fully done within fifteen to twelve minutes.

Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese are said to be comfort food in many regions. It is something that most people never get tired of eating. However, not every mac and cheese is the same. Many people fail to make it right. Hence, the dish loses the ability to comfort one with its taste and texture. You don’t need to worry about not getting it right if you have a toaster oven at home. You can achieve the perfect softness and creaminess every time if you bake it right.

To make some oven-baked macaroni and cheese, you’ll need to cook the pasta according to the package directions. After the pasta is boiled, you need to prepare the sauce, for the sauce, first, you will need to heat some butter in a pan and fry some garlic and flour in it. Then gradually add milk and cream to it until it reaches the desired thickness. Then, season it according to your choice.

You can use salt, black pepper, and any other herb you like. Then comes the most important part. Cheese. What is mac and cheese without cheese? So add your favorite cheese and a lot of it. Finally, mix the pasta with the sauce and top it off with more cheese. Bake it in your toaster oven for about ten minutes and pasta is ready to be served.

Roast Chicken

When talking about what to make using a toaster oven, a roast chicken is not something that can be skipped. It is one of the most common dinner options people opt for. Be it a small dinner or a thanksgiving party, a roasted chicken will undoubtedly be the center of attraction. While it might sound intimidating to roast a chicken if you haven’t done it before, but it is not as complicated as it looks.

To start, you need to marinate your chicken. When you are selecting the chicken, make sure to keep the size of your toaster oven in mind. Because if you end up getting something bigger than the oven’s capacity, there is no way you can roast it whole. Another factor to keep in mind is getting your chicken with skin. As the chicken roasts, the skin turns into a somewhat crispy layer which adds to the taste.

When you are roasting a whole chicken it is tough to season it. The outsides can be done pretty easily but the insides might remain bland and tough. No one wants that on their dinner table. What you can do to prevent that is to let the chicken marinate for a long period and then slow cook it at a low temperature.

Once it is done cooking, don’t rush it, let it sit on the counter for a while. This will make sure the meat is tender and juicy.


It would be unfair to talk about baked stuff and not mention pizza. When you own a toaster oven, you can have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What can be more exciting for a pizza lover? Though you can get a ready-made frozen pizza and bake it whenever you want, it can never be as exciting as making a pizza from scratch.

To make the pizza, you will need a pizza dough recipe. It is a bit tricky but watching a few tutorials should make it easier. However, if you don’t want to bother messing around with yeast and flour, you can always get some store-bought pizza dough. They work just as fine.

The best thing about making own your pizza is getting the freedom to go wild with the toppings. You can use all your favorite toppings. However, it is wise not to go overboard because it might result in a soggy pizza. Make sure to use good quality cheese to get the best results.

Pizza is something that needs to be cooked at a very high temperature. So before you start to bake the pizza, make sure to preheat the oven very well.


You are not getting the best out of your toaster oven if you are not making your bread. You can make your bread at home anytime you want if you have a toaster oven at home. The freshly baked loaves are sure to make your mornings better. It’s not just about the freshness, the whole process of making bread at home is very satisfying. It is worth giving a shot if you haven’t done it yet.

To Sum Up

These are just some ways to use your toaster oven and prepare a wide variety of dishes at home. You can use the same techniques and switch the ingredients to make something different every day.

For example, you can roast a duck or any other meat you want instead of chicken.

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