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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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We Deserve Good Health


Three years ago, when I was 1 year cancer free, I didn’t give something up, but I decided to DO something for the 40 days of Lent, and it stuck (sort of). I was determined to get healthy after kicking cancer to the curb, and I vowed to do something healthy every day during lent, and that meant SWEAT, for at least 20 minutes a day.

Disney 1/2 Marathon in 2012

Disney 1/2 Marathon in 2012

It started me on a journey of fitness that I love, and I became a runner, a slow runner, but anyways a runner. I trained, and one year later, I ran my first half marathon. I have run 4 more half marathons since then. My children have autism, and since it is clear that I have to be healthy, strong and fast to care for them as long as possible, my health is of the utmost importance.

The last year has been a challenge with my children’s autism, and some of the things that come with that. I let myself fall by the wayside and took care of everyone and everything else, and gained 40 of the 80lbs back that I had lost.

I was drinking to take the edge off at night, and eating my emotions. So it’s time to pick-up, and dust myself off and get up and do this again. My kids deserve a healthy mom, I deserve a healthy life – we all do. I’m ready to do the work necessary to get me back to my race day photo.

So my friend asked me to do a weight loss challenge with 5 moms in the area. We are doing the Lindora Weight Loss Plan Lean For Life Mommy Movement. The book has a lot of ways to help deal with the “mental” part of the weight loss saga.

I clearly know HOW to lose weight, changing my life – is where I need help.

We got the book, and started a super secret Facebook group to support each other. The book New Lean For Life is available on Amazon, and it has a great plan to change your life and eat healthy. I have marathons to run, an athlete to become, and menopause to keep in check.


So let’s get moving ladies and help each other live the healthy lives we deserve! Join us on our journey to get healthy together!

Rebecca is a stay at home mom of 2 boys with Autism that keep her very busy. She has been writing her blog “The Real Moms of OC” for 2 years. She is a wife, mom, slayer of dragons, CEO of the home, bus driver, maid, short order cook and princess. She also runs through the mud and half marathons. She managed with the help of an amazing medical team to beat breast cancer and is thankfully cancer free for 3 years.
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