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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Welcome to the Bari Party

We attended as a guest of Bari NB


Bari combines strength training, muscle toning and sensory cardio by using free weights, resistance bands, and of course your own personal hot pink trampoline.  I mean let’s be honest; I sold you at hot pink, right?


Now I know, the word trampoline can sound scary…especially when you’re not 12 years old or have a career with Cirque de Soleil, but believe me when I say it’s going to be your new best friend!



Splash in a few dance movements, positive reinforcement, and heavy calorie burning and you’ve got a fresh new workout. Located about a block from Fashion Island and the 73 Toll road (which is a convenient location wherever you’re coming from!),  Bari Newport Beach offers 5 unique classes daily, starting as early as 7:00am thru 6:30pm. So whether you’re an early bird while the kids are still sleeping, on your lunch break in between meetings or fitting in an evening session before tuning into the Bachelorette, Bari’s got you covered.



They also offer a “Quick & Dirty 30 Minute” class that focuses in on one exercise or piece of equipment to get you sweaty, feeling accomplished and still leave you time for latte run!
I tried BariBounce and BariMicro and was thrilled by how fast I burned over 650 calories in just 45 minutes (yes, they even have complimentary heart rate monitors so you can watch your progress!).



Surprisingly, the trampoline is an effective way to decrease stress on your knees, but also builds your core and sculpts your booty while smiling as you bounce to top 40!

Personally, I’m a fitness fanatic who’s always up for a challenge, but is someone who gets bored quickly with my work outs. I appreciate high intensity cardio to upbeat music and an amazing instructor who will keep me motivated to push harder and want to come back to keep seeing results. Bari not only offers this, but also competitive class rates.



Visit for full details, but currently they’re offering $75 for two weeks of unlimited classes, which is a fab way to try out each class option and see those results even faster!


Get bouncin’ baby!

Nicole Downing is a young professional who loves to travel, stay fit and live life to its fullest. Nicole and her husband are proud parents to Waffle, their adorable kitten and one day hope to start a family in their Dana Point home. As a senior visual manager for Tilly’s HQ, she’s on the pulse of fashion, music and pop culture.
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