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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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What to do in el paso

El Paso, the vibrant multicultural city located on the western edge of Texas straddling the Rio Grande, was established in 1850. This U.S Mexican frontier is home to 700,000 people, 302 annual sunny days, and is an attraction to many. Endowed with the wonder of nature evident in its gorgeous landscapes, wildlife, flora, and fauna, Sun City has caught the attention of tourists both local, trans-regional and international. While some people come to revel in the diverse culture and rich history of El Paso, others come to chase down the insane tell-a-tales of Billy the Kid and the perfect Margarita to wash them down. Today, El Paso, Texas, is recognized as one of the top ten safest cities in the United States of America thanks to its strong military presence and is also credited to be the ultimate intersection of the Western and Hispanic existence.

Five Things To Explore in El Paso

El Paso, as unassuming as it may seem, is an intriguing scene, one that is marked by museums, art galleries, historical landmarks, bars, and restaurants. While this may seem like a typical blend for most destinations, El Paso maintains its edge with its diversity in accommodation, activities, interests, and budgets. Admittedly, El Paso can make a worthwhile stop for families or solo trips, you and your friends, something you don’t usually get with most locations. So if El Paso has been on your radar for some time or you’re looking to explore the west to satisfy your wanderlust, we have just the thing for you- five places you should hit upon your visit to Sun City.

Art and entertainment

El Paso is a niche of alluring contemporary and traditional art depicting both Hispanic and Southwest history and culture. Start your itinerary with a trip to the El Paso Museum of Art for a blended dose of American/European and Mexican artwork with notable names like Fredric Remington, Charles M. Russell, and Frank Boggs. The museum is home to over 7,000 art pieces from watercolors, drawings, and photographs. If you’re lucky, you might catch their workshop and educational programs. Another art and entertainment attraction point is El Paso’s Plaza Theater, a testament to the area’s rich musical and performing arts past. Constructed in 1930, the Plaza Theater reflects Spanish Colonial Revival style architecture and antique decor. If this sounds like a vibe you’d want to take in with your Broadway or Mariachi band performance, perhaps you should include the theater on your list.

Historical and cultural sites

El Paso is a brimming hub of history and culture, from museums to notorious outlaws and historical landmarks. Encompassing some surviving Spanish mission stations, El Paso draws many to the southwest to glimpse the mission trail, Ysleta Mission and Socorro Mission. El Paso also houses the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center, a memorial to Holocaust victims. The National Border Patrol Museum is another worthy mention that gives insight on the past history of this significant U.S government branch; be sure to catch the rudimentary boats, patrol vehicles, OH-6 helicopters, and jeeps stowed away in this landmark. You also don’t want to miss the Magoffin Home, a 19-room adobe homestead built by one of El Paso’s leading families. This 3-wings mid-victorian homestead is a must-see?

Local cuisines

El Paso is home to the famous mistake-maker tequila and some finger-licking Mex-Tex cuisines. With the high desert community being a merge of Mexico and Texas, you can expect the local restaurants el paso to be an explosion of spice, taste, and flavors. A must-try is the L & J Cafe for some tasty tostadas, salsa, and enchiladas that have won this dive-bar numerous awards. Head over to Cafe Central on Oregon Street for a night of live Jazz, and some delicious green chile served with roasted lamb. How could we forget Tommy’s Place Bar, reputed for founding the tequila-based margaritas we love so bad. We also can’t forget to raise a glass to the regional vineyards of El Paso because what’s all that sun worth without some fine wine to go with it?

Zoos and Gardens

The wild and plant life in El Paso is a sight worth seeing. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on this. For one, the El Paso Zoo is endowed with a gorgeous exhibit of animals from all across the globe. Take a  trip to explore the animals of Africa, Asia, and America and learn some mind-blowing, exciting facts about the local wildlife- this can make a fun and enlightening experience for both adults and children. You might also want to squeeze in some time for a trip to the Chihuahuan Desert Garden for a beautiful display of over 800 native plant species. The gardens spot themed gardens and water conservation-related showcases that are sure to redefine Flora and Fauna for you in ways a classroom never could.

Nature trail

Get your daily nature fix in the expansive lands of El Paso- this gorgeous location comes with a variety of scenic nature trails and lovely temperatures to go with it. If you’re down for a sweat-breaking adrenaline rush, a morning bike ride on the enormous rocks of Hueco Tanks is guaranteed to get you there with the ancient human pictographs on the rock walls making for an excellent Instagram snap background. Alternatively, for those looking for a laid-back dopamine-filled hang, I’d suggest heading to the hills- take a long scenic afternoon drive out to the Franklin Mountains that spectacularly drape over the El Paso’s skyline before settling down for a warm and breezy picnic.


El Paso is the place to be if you’re down for some culture, history, art, entertainment, and filling cuisine. This high desert location is the perfect example of two diverse communities amalgamating into one richly saturated culture full of warmth and intrigue. People looking to visit El Paso can brace themselves for some memorable experiences that will stick with them for years to come. What’s more, El Paso, Texas, is one of the few affordable destinations you can visit in the U.S, with activities accommodating all travel groups and budgets without compromising the quality of the experience. What do we mean? Even on backpacking camp funding, you’re guaranteed to get the best out of El Paso.


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