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What to expect: X-rays before Invisalign


“I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son has received complimentary treatment.”


The last step before my son gets his first set of Invisalign is for him to have x-rays. I’ll admit that I just expected him to get a traditional x-ray like the kids have gotten when breaking a bone, but it is a much more in-depth process than I had expected. (please note that this was our orthodontist decision, and not all orthodontists request these type of x-rays)

After getting his molds done at the orthodontics office, we were given a slip to go have the x-rays done at another location. The first mistake that I made was not making an appointment. Since I was expecting to get a regular x-ray I was expecting a traditional radiology office, but it ended up being much more than that.

The staff was nice enough to fit us into their schedule, and my son was ready to start the x-ray process. With fun hip tunes playing in the office, the process began. The first step was a machine that circled his head getting full pictures of his mouth. My son had to make sure and stand very still which was a little hard with the jamming tunes playing in the office.



Once he was done with that machine, it was time to go into another room. This machine was a little intimidating for my son, but the doctor did a great job of calming his concerns and distract him with some jokes while taking the images of his mouth.



Finally, there was x-rays taken on a traditional machine. The doctor took his time to get images of every part of his mouth and this process took around 15-20 minutes to complete. My son had to ensure that he didn’t move while the series of images were taken.




Once we were done with all of the images, the doctor brought him into another room where he took traditional pictures of his mouth. It is important for the orthodontist to have detailed before and after pictures of his teeth and bite.



Just when we thought that we were done with the process, the doctor had us wait in the office waiting room to ensure that he got all of the images he needed. It was a good thing that we waited for my sons images to be reviewed because my son did need to go back for some re-takes.


The entire process took almost an hour. I recommend feeding your children before going in for the x-rays and prepare them for what will take longer than a traditional visit to a radiology office.

Now that we have finished our x-rays, in just two short weeks, my son will begin wearing his first set of Invisalign. He can’t wait to start the journey of having straight teeth and a perfect bite. Stay tuned as we continue to share our journey of Invisalign with my son.


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