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What to Look For In a Nanny

Taking care of your children can be difficult, especially if you live in big cities like New York. It is doable, but you are going to need help. So, why not hire a nanny?

It’s easy to find nanny agency NYC. But remember, you can’t just hire anyone. Your nanny’s role is to spend time with the most important person in your life, your child. So, below are what you need to look for in a nanny before you hire one.

Love Children

First and foremost, your nanny should have a genuine love for children. Education, skills, and experience may matter, but all of those won’t make anyone a quality caregiver if they can’t even enjoy being with children. 

A nanny who has pride in their job and likes being around children is the foundation to giving quality care to your children.


In almost every industry, punctuality is a key attribute that all employers look for in their employees. And being a nanny is no exception. You can’t spend time on your work or other commitments in your life if your nanny is always late.

Besides that, punctuality is also essential when they take and pick up your kid from school, do all of the household tasks, and attend your kid’s meetings and classes if needed.


As you know, taking care of children can be stressful, even when you are in your best condition. Tantrums, all the running around, messy eating, fights over a toy – all of this can be a hassle. So, patience is an attribute that your nanny must possess.

If they get easily angered or overwhelmed by the many tasks they may encounter, they’re not the nanny for you. All great nannies can keep a cool head even when under pressure and take on challenges head-on.


If both you and your partner are working, your nanny must be flexible enough to adapt to that. Being a nanny can sometimes not be a simple 9 to 5. Both of your bosses may ask you to do overtime, or there may be an event where you can’t leave early. 

So sometimes, parents will ask about the flexibility of their would-be nanny. 

You can do this by asking your nanny about their comfort levels on time schedules for daily activities and household tasks and asking if they can be flexible on them.

Nannies willing to adapt to your schedules will ensure that you’ll have an easier life.

Communication Skills 

Good communication skills are a must for nannies. So they can talk to you and the children with ease.

Good communication skills would also mean that they are not afraid to ask you questions on what you want for your child.


Of course, who would hire a nanny they can’t trust? But besides taking care of your child. You are also letting a complete stranger stay in your house.

Knowing your nanny can take the right course of action when taking care of your kid and respecting your home and property is not something you should overlook.

Proactive Nature

Hiring a nanny means you want to make life a little easier for you. But that can’t happen if you are constantly telling her what to do. So she needs to have a proactive nature to ensure that you can focus on other tasks that require your attention.


You can’t just hire anyone to be your nanny. They need to have the qualities above before they can even step into your home. So, review their qualities first and see if they fit the ones above. That way, you can ensure that your nanny is capable of taking care of your child and your house.

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