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What’s the future of holiday cards?

Many of us have fond memories of taking Christmas card photos with our family, dressing up in holiday gear to gather round for a photo to be show how much we have changed, grown, and developed over the past year. Or, maybe you remember the job of writing and mailing out holiday letters, thinking back over the past year as you scribble down the pivotal moments your family has gone through together. We all know it’s holiday time when we see walls, cubicles, and mantles lined with seasonal cards from loved ones.

Especially when friends and family are faraway, sending holiday cards is a time-honored way to stay connected, at least once a year, no matter where everyone is living. However, as it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in touch in our fast-paced lives, sending traditional holiday greeting cards is becoming a nearly extinct habit. One cause of this is that today, you’re more likely to know someone’s Facebook name or email than their physical address. Additionally, many of us just simply don’t have the time to gather the crew together for photos and write dozens of cards by hand.

But don’t worry – the holiday card isn’t completely dead, it’s just changed forms. Lucky for us busy moms, there are plenty of easy to use tools to make it easy for you to continue the tradition of sending holiday cards digitally.

First came online greeting cards that made it easy to send a Happy Birthday or Thank You message to someone miles away. Now it’s possible to send slideshows of your family’s special moments personalized with messages to recipients and even music. Using online cards keeps the cheer alive, and it makes it quicker and easier than ever to do so.

While there is nothing like receiving a handwritten card in the mail, these digital tools are the wave of our future, and rather than fight it, it’s good to embrace the technology we have available at our fingertips today. Of course, if you’re a lover of the traditional card, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to send them, but if you start receiving more cards in your inbox than your mailbox in the next few years, you’ll understand why. Love has many different forms – for some, it comes in the form of a digital e-card rather than a card or present sent by mail.

What do you think? Are holiday e-cards a great way to spread the cheer digitally, or are you nostalgic for the traditional postal mail cards?

Guest post by, Sharon Blatt, the Community Manager at Slidely, a popular creator of Slideshows, videos and imagery.

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  1. Jibjab is a cool way to send a holiday e-card. They take your pictures and spread the mouth to act as though you are singing to the jingle. The morning people you have the better. Try “rocking around the Christmas tree”

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