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What Is A White Ink Tattoo? + 5 Reasons To Get One

White ink is a good choice for moms who don’t want noticeable inkings all over their bodies, but what is a white ink tattoo? Some people think there is something unique about the ink. It’s the exact same as every other color in the shop.

That means you won’t need to worry about things like skin reactions or increased pain levels. It looks stunning if you choose the right design and body parts. Let’s discuss some reasons why you should get one.

  1. It Looks Like It’s Raised

If you look at a white tattoo once it’s healed, it will look like it’s raised off your skin. Even though black tattoos are the same, it’s not noticeable. It adds an extra dimension to the design, which improves the look.

Your tattoo will still be visible from certain distances because it sits off the skin. It would probably be invisible unless you were up close if it didn’t. The effect won’t be as good if you add extra colors.

  1. It Adds A Little Mystery

Complicated designs are a bit tougher when using white ink, but it’s possible with the right artist. Even though everyone will know you’ve got something on your arm from across the room, it will be hard to make out.

This will add mystery to your design because people will need to get close to look at it. It could even help spark conversations in public. Choose a larger design with fewer minor details to solve the problem.

  1. White Ink Fades Faster

This could be positive or negative depending on who you ask. White ink fades faster than the average black tattoo, so it will be less visible on your body. Choose a great tattoo shop if you want it to last as long as possible.

It’s useful if you work in industries where tattoos aren’t the norm. Your bosses can’t complain about your tattoos if they can’t see them. If you are looking for a cover up tattoo, it’s best to stick with darker inks.

  1. Great For Dark Skin

White tattoos stand out on anyone with darker skin tones, which is the exact opposite of black ink. I know some people enjoy black ink because it’s less noticeable, but now you’ll get to rock something visible for miles.

If you have lighter skin, you’ll only be able to create the same effect with two colors. The only people who won’t like it are those with freckles. White tattoos are more effective when inked on solid backgrounds.

  1. Adding Luminous Ink

Think about adding some luminous ink to your white tattoos. People won’t notice what you’ve done during the day, but you won’t be able to escape the attention in clubs. Everything will sparkle under ultraviolet light.

Others will only be able to achieve the same look if they cover their skin in paint, but you won’t need to wash anything off. Even though it will cost extra money, it’s worth the price if your tattooist has the ink available.

Get Your Next Tattoo Soon

If you’re thinking about getting a new tattoo in the next few months, spend time researching white ink designs online. The best tattoo parlors will offer wonderful custom ones too.

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