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Who is El Chupacabra in Disney Planes

We attended a media event as a guest of Disney.
 El Chupacabra in Disney Planes

Who was our favorite character in Disney Planes? El Chupacabra of course! This character had my kids and I doubled over laughing with his hilarious jokes throughout the film. The character was immediately our favorite, and became an even bigger hit in our home after learning about the voice behind the cape.

The voice you ask? Is none other than Carlos Alazraqui! If the name is not familiar, I can guarantee you will recognize the voice. “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” perhaps, Mr. Weed on “Family Guy, or who cannot forget him as Bobbi Fabulous in “Phineas and Ferb.” From the moment that I sat down to chat with him about the film, and he said those famous words I loved as a kid “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” I immediately had flashbacks of my  Chihuahua bobble head on the dashboard of my turquoise VW Bug.

Alazraqui was just a hilarious in person as his character was in the film. The character brought so much life and laughter to the film “Disney Planes” with his authentic personality.

“He’s got a lotta character,” said Alazraqui who is the father of a two year old. When we asked Alazraqui what he liked the most about being a voice character he said, “I love it. It’s like being a kid and keeps you young.” We are voice characters in our daily lives said Alazraqui. With our husbands or our kids, when we do little voices with our children, or tell our husbands to “take out the garbage,” using a different voice. “We are all doing voices, and I love getting to have a career doing it, and El Chu is just awesome,” said Alazraqui.

“He’s everything. He’s bipolar. He’s a biplane..bipolar,” said Alazraqui.

When talking to him about his favorite scene in the film he said it was the part when El Chu said, “Is it cold in here, or is it my heart?” His other favorite scene was also one of ours, when El Chu started singing, “I’m just a love machine.”

Alazraqui started working on the film doing a table read to provide timing for the writers when the director, producer and John Lasseter said, “Let’s make this guy the role on the film.” Alazraqui continued to say, “I can’t believe that I am here! They are great storytellers. It was a great opportunity for me to do what I do and they like it.”

Don’t miss El Chu swishing his cape in Disney Planes, currently in theaters.

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