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The Whole Purpose: A Welcome Hug From a Friend

We attended as a guest of the venue

An invitation to attend The Whole Purpose is like a welcome hug from a friend. If you ladies would like to do something good for just YOU, then this is it! While a day sounds like a lot because often times, we hardly take an hour for ourselves; it is a must for your own well being. After attending, I am completely hooked and thrilled at what I learned, the friends I made and even (gasp) left with my shoulders relaxed and back where they should be all the time.

The event was held at the House of Blues in Anaheim which was the perfect setting with about 150 women in attendance; I love when venues think outside the box and utilize their space during off hours. A group of women of this size may have you men considering joining in next time and/or for a future event that The Whole Purpose has planned for both men and women. Keep your ears open, there are some great ones in the works even as I write this article.

Our day was full of an amazing line up of speakers, giving us a chance to unwind and focus on our own individual well being. So grateful for the timing of the event, having just wrapped up 3 months of an intense work load, juggling family, friends, travel and commitments; I was ready for a “me” day! Almost instantly it was as if the speakers knew what I needed most and as I glanced around the room, I knew I was among a tribe of women seeking the same.

A panel from Hoag Memorial Hospital shared with us tips for keeping our skin healthy, making time for intimacy and remembering to “wave the white flag in our relationships to signal when we feel tired, overwhelmed with kids and life”. The importance of sleep and creating an environment where we can rest and rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit; which means a bedroom with no television, phone or artificial lights. I know, right now you’re reading this thinking it’s impossible to do in this time of life. I’m here to tell you as someone who puts things to test; it worked for me.

The ladies from That’s So Retrograde, podcast Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari were as usual a hoot! I started listening to their podcast while driving and fell in love with them; make sure to check them out when you have time. They did a great on-stage interview with Elissa Goodman, a nutritionist who spoke on “Detoxing the Mind”. Elissa shared with us about being mindful and included must have’s for our kitchen; green juices, aloe vera juice, coconut yogurt and chlorella. She had me at coconut!

One of my favorite questions of the day was this, to ask ourselves daily “What do you want to have happen today?” “What would you give back to the world?” Great questions to really set our individual daily intention and to think about our contribution to the world or the world around us. So often, we go through life doing but do we really think about the impacts we have on people and our environment?

Chef Jenny Ross gave us great information on utilizing our food intake to create energy for our bodies. A great meal tip, especially with kids in the house is to create bowls for dinner; having the staples of beans, quinoa and brown rice readily available and adding in everyone’s favorite vegetables and protein. Such a great, fun idea! Also the simple use of a Himalayan Salt helps to insure we get our trace minerals.

Do you see a common theme of the day? Health, being positive and the wellness of our mind and body?

Featured speaker, Kimberly Snyder, shared with us her story and the topic of “Emotional Well Being through Balance and Proper Nutrition”. You might want to tune into her podcast of, “Beauty Inside Out”. The five key areas for our personal care are our internal nourishment to elevate our energy; external nourishment of our skin supports our nervous system; sleep for rejuvenation and feeling our best in an over stimulated world; primal beauty = spend time in nature; and lastly, spiritual beauty = to recenter ourselves.

Wrapping up the day with Lu Parker as she spoke about the world needing more kindness. Her lively stage presence, sharing a day in her life and asking us to step up to the plate to be a giver of kindness was a perfect way to end our day. This writer was 100% on board. Kindness wins!

The Whole Purpose events created by Kelly Lam are such a wonderful way to focus on the important things in life, learn, make new friends, feel good vibes from a great collective group and have tremendous fun! Plan on attending one so you can see for yourself; after all being kind to you is key and with a lovely reboot you’re off to sharing the best YOU again!

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Darice is a very active mother of a gorgeous daughter. Darice, enjoys a career in sales, surrounded by many friends and family; always taking on another opportunity for growing and networking. A people person who embraces trying new things, helping others, a social butterfly and enjoys cheering on her niece and nephew at soccer and/or volleyball games.
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