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Why the Buick Encore is Perfect for Every Driver

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Last week, I took the 2017 Buick Encore on an epic mother and daughter road trip from Orange County to Monterey. While on our road trip, we cruised along the freeway in ultimate comfort and created memories that will last a lifetime. I have been driving a GMC Yukon XL for the past nine years, so when I got behind the wheel of the Encore, it felt like I was driving a race car. It had the same power as my Yukon XL, and I felt just as safe as I do in my full-size SUV. I enjoyed the zip and light ride that the Encore made me feel when behind the wheel.

Since I have a teenager turning 15 next month, we are in the market for his first car. I thought that driving the Encore would give me a good insight into whether it might make a good fit for his first car, and after driving it over a thousand miles along the California coastline; I learned that it is the perfect car for every driver.

Best Car for Teens

When it comes to purchasing the first car for my teenager, safety is my number one priority. While I have wanted to pass down my GMC Yukon XL to my son, I worry that it might be too much car for him to handle. I want a car that features the same safety features of a full-size SUV, which I found when driving the Buick Encore. The Encore has a 5-star overall vehicle safety rating, frontal driver/passenger, and side crash for front/rear – you can’t find a car on the road with a better safety rating than this. When I was driving with my daughter, I felt comfortable in knowing that if we were in a crash, both of us would walk away unharmed.

Let’s be honest. Cars drive faster on the roads than they did when we learned how to drive. Sometimes even I get nervous when trying to change lanes on the freeway, but with the side blind zone alert and rear cross traffic alert, teenagers can drive safely knowing that their car has safety features in place to help them be safe on the road around crazy ‘wild’ drivers.

Best Car for Seniors

While on our road trip we stopped to look at a river/dam along the Chumash Freeway. While we were walking back to our car, an elderly couple approached us and asked us about the Encore we were driving. They were driving a Chevrolet Cruz and they were curious about the Encore. They mentioned that they were in the market for an SUV that didn’t feel too big or too small and they wanted to know our thoughts on the Encore.

Our random meeting with this elderly couple ended up lasting for over an hour. I let the couple sit in the car, took them for a quick drive around the parking lot, and the husband even randomly had a measuring tape in his car that he used to measure the length of the car.

They were looking for headroom (which they loved), pricing (which they felt was attractable at $29,720), and gas mileage (30 MPG). The car fits all their needs when looking to purchase a new car.

We talked about kids, college, and cars. It was a great conversation, and I wished that I had gotten their contact information so we could have stayed in touch.

Best Car for Parents

After driving the Encore on a road trip and a couple of days with my carpool, I learned that it is also a great car for parents. The trunk space is large enough for a stroller and a weeks worth of groceries. My daughter and I are notorious ‘over packers, ‘ and we filled the trunk up with our suitcases, bags, and bags of extra things we thought we needed for the trip, and still had plenty of room to spare.

It featured a 4G LTE Wi-fi hotspot for kids to link their devices while driving around town. Bluetooth for hands-free calling, and a user-friendly navigation system. The only add on that I would get on the Encore when purchasing it for myself would be a sunroof to let the sun shine into the beautiful car. I also recommend getting it with Apple CarPlay – it is a mom’s best friend when driving kiddos around town.

The Buick Encore was one of the best cars that I have driven, and I recommend it for drivers of all ages (over 16). Test drive a 2017 Buick Encore at your closest Buick dealer.

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