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Wifi That Goes the Distance with Panoramic Wifi Pods

Cox Partner

Anyone with teenagers in their home realizes the struggle of keeping everyone connected online while at home. In my busy house filled with three teenagers, when everyone is home, I would often find it hard to stream anything online. I would have one child gaming, another streaming a movie, one online working on homework, and their dad streaming a movie using a Fire Stick.

Kids gaming online

The worst part is when one teenager cannot stream something because they are out of reach from our wifi signal. That was until we got the Panoramic Wifi Pods from Cox Communications. The pods are the best invention ever created.

I was able to find the best places to set-up the pods in my house using the Cox Communications website. Then using the app, I was able to have them working within just a few minutes. After installing the pods, all of my kids were streaming and gaming online without any delays. It was the perfect way to boost our already high performing wifi service from Cox Communications.

What are the Panoramic Wifi Pods

Panoramic Wifi Pods are devices that can be paired with a compatible Panoramic Wifi Gateway to create a mesh wifi network in your home. These “mesh network” extenders plug into an outlet to help broaden your in-home wifi coverage. With a set of Pods, you can reduce or eliminate in-home dead zones, so you have consistently fast wifi coverage throughout the house.

Installing Panoramic Wifi Pods

Pano WiFi Placement

Pods are easy to install. Simply plug your Pods into an electrical outlet and activate them using the instructions on the Panoramic Wifi app. You’ll hold your phone or tablet a few inches from the Pod to activate it on your network.

If you have teenagers in your home who spend any amount of time online streaming or gaming, then you’ll want to get the Panoramic Wifi Pods. It will extend your wifi service throughout the home, and you’ll never hear a teenager complaining that they can’t stream, download or game ever again. Learn more about the Panoramic Wifi Pods online and stay up to date on the newest technology coming out from Cox Communications on Twitter.

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