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Win a Family Four Pack of Tickets to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure (Giveaway)

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Tickets to Pirate's Dinner Adventure

 Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park offers families hours of fun and entertainment that will make everyone happy!  Our families attended a show together and had an amazing time.  With entertainment that is suitable for all ages, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is a great activity for families in Southern California.  We are happy to tell you we have a family four pack of tickets to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure to share with one of our readers!

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  1. Just seeing all of the pirate’s perform together in a dinner show sounds so exciting! We’ve never been to that place, even though we live in So Cal. Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  2. My 2 boys loves pirates! Our family would love to experience the show! Thank you in advance!

  3. I have heard amazing things about this show from our local friends and have been wanting to go for a while!! My son loves pirates and ships and such so this would be perfect to take him to for his birthday! I think he would enjoy the entire act and especially the fact that he will be surrounded by “real” pirates!

  4. I would enjoy the pirate’s performance

  5. I would enjoy the performance & love to see my daughters face as she enjoys it too!

  6. I’d love the show and watching my daughter enjoying it. Sounds like so much fun!

  7. We would enjoy the pirate’s performance, thank you!

  8. Anything to do with pirates I will love!

  9. The audience participation. I think my kids wOuld love it.

  10. i would enjoy the whole experience and making new memories with my family.. my husband has been wanting to go here i would love to surprise him 😉

  11. Our sons are into dressing up as pirates. how fun would it be for them to go dressed up. 🙂

  12. I would enjoy seeing my son’s face light up. He would love this show!

  13. My wife and kids have been wanting to check this out because Pirates are full of win!

  14. I think my son would just like to see ‘real’ pirates. I’d go for the food 😉 lol

  15. I want to watch my 2 boys face light up during the show. They both dress up and play pirate with each other, so they would love a show like this.

  16. My son loves pirates and would enjoy seeing them all dressed up and fighting! We took the kids to the Titanic exhibit this week in Buena Park and when he saw the signs for the Pirate show, he was begging me to take him.

  17. My boys loves pirates and we’ve always wanted to see this show.

  18. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!…what a great way to begin the new school year. Ahoy Matey!!

  19. My kids would love to see this. They keep asking to go.

  20. I saw the show when they pre-view. It is pretty good.

  21. My daughters excitement,,,oh and the food

  22. I’ve never attended one of these types of dinners/shows before, and I’ve been living in SoCal my entire life. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I would like the performance and watching my daughter enjoy the show. She loves being a pirate!

  24. It is literally a dinner and a show togethe

  25. just seeing how its done and how my daughter will react.!

  26. My kids would enjoy the cannon blasts and pyrotechnics! LOL.

  27. Our son and daughter would be ecstatic about hanging out with pirates, seeing a firing of a cannon ball…they always say cannon ball when they jump into the pool…and they would be so excited if there was a treasure chest to look at on the boat with gold coins for my son to ooh and aah about and jewels for my daughter to be delighted by…and the ship….we have never been there before so we really don’t know how it goes but my kids have heard a lot about it thru their friends.

  28. Our son loves boats so I’m sure the whole theme would appeal to him!

  29. The costumes

  30. Winning this would be like finding me chest of treasure:)…my kids will absolutely love the show!

  31. I would love to see the pirates 🙂

  32. I would love to see my 3 grandsons look on their faces if I had a chance to see this show. I am in Texas but visit So Cal a lot. ..this would make my next trip

  33. a few good action/fight sequences would be really fun!

    rafflecopter: daniel

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