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How To Win A Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

In most accidents where injury claims are filed, an essential question on the claimant’s mind is usually “how do I win this case?”

Pedestrian accidents usually occur when a vehicle hits a pedestrian. Pedestrians include any person hiking, running, on foot, lying down, sitting, or jogging who is involved in a vehicle accident. Sometimes, these accidents can be fatal. Pedestrian accidents are quite common in crosswalks, intersections, highways, parking lots, and anywhere else that vehicles meet people.

To win a pedestrian accident lawsuit, you must hire a pedestrian accident lawyer to help you uncover and find evidence of your accident. In addition, you would need your lawyer to build up the case for you by taking every accident detail into account. Below is how you can win a pedestrian accident lawsuit:

●     Uncover evidence

Evidence is critical in winning a pedestrian accident lawsuit. First, you must prove that the driver was at fault for the accidents and the resulting injuries. Every vehicle driver is obliged to keep pedestrians safe from harm on the road.

You can call a pedestrian accident lawyer to the scene of the accident. After you have filed a lawsuit, the attorney would get to work by gathering evidence that they would use to build your case and avoid common defenses. In such instances, they do the following:

●     Speak with witnesses

To win a lawsuit, your lawyer has to speak with those at the accident scene to help build your case. It would help convince the police, court, and judge of your innocence in the accident. This is important since they would use such evidence in building your case and avoiding common defenses by the insurance company.

●     Get records of your lost wages and medical bills

To win the lawsuit, your hired attorney would need to get the details of your lost wages and medical treatment. For example, as a pedestrian accident victim, you could miss your work because you might be unable to work or are in a hospital.

Also, if you are involved in a pedestrian accident and hospitalized, you would need money for medical treatment.

Your lawyer would need details of your ongoing and future medical treatments to win the lawsuit. Your lawyer would use such details to convince the jury and the insurance company that you should be compensated.

●     Take photos

Though you must take photos of the accident or injuries resulting from the accidents, you might not be able to take photos as evidence if the accidents are severe. Instead, getting your attorney to do that might be the best step.

Your lawyer would use such evidence when filing a lawsuit and ensure that the driver’s insurance company is incapable of avoiding compensation.

●     Obtain police report

Obtaining a police report is crucial in winning a pedestrian accident lawsuit. It would be best to recall events that happened before, during, or after the accident. These events should be reported to the police officer who arrives at the scene. Then this report can be used by your lawyer in winning the lawsuit.

●     Recover damages

After your lawyer has gotten the evidence and helped build a strong case. He must then strive for damage recovery for you or your family member. This damage can include losses or injuries as a result of the accidents.

To win the case, your attorney has to ensure that the driver’s insurance company is liable for damages you or your family have suffered. It also includes income loss due to the victim’s death or injury, past, present, and future bills with other related expenses, and suffering and pain.

●     Avoid insurance pitfalls

To win a pedestrian accident lawsuit, you have to ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls from occurring. One of such pitfalls is to take quick offers of compensation from insurance companies.

However, most pedestrian accidents are pretty serious since the victim would be hit by a heavy and large vehicle with little to no protection. Therefore, you should ensure that you receive the proper compensation stipulated by the law.

In addition, in most pedestrian accident cases, the driver is usually found at fault; therefore, the victim is meant to be adequately compensated for every expense. Ensure that you call a lawyer to help you negotiate a just and fair settlement.

That’s A Wrap

Being in a pedestrian accident means that you might have to pay your way through to get healthy and for your wellbeing. However, when you file a claim, to ensure that you win, you need to seek the help of an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer, which is indispensable.

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