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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Win Tickets to the 2014 OC Fair

OC Fair Ticket Giveaway.jpg

It is almost time for our favorite summer event to start – the 2014 OC Fair! The Fair is coming to Orange County on July 11th through August 10th with fun for the entire family. There will be delicious fried foods, rides, games, animals, and more!

Have a big family? No problem! The OC Fair has lot of special deals and discounts this year to help families stretch their dollar further while visiting the fair.

With the fair opening just weeks away, we are thrilled to give one OC Mom Blog family a set of four tickets to use this summer. Enter to win the tickets in the form below, and good luck! We look forward to seeing everyone this year at the 2014 OC Fair!!

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  1. My kids start asking about the Fair in September, they LOVE it!

  2. Love the the Orange County fair!

  3. The yummy food is my fav thing!! But kids love the animals!!

  4. I love the fair but haven’t been in years

  5. Spending time with the family…:)

  6. The fun!

  7. My favorite thing to do at the fair is eat the crazy food!! Yummy!

  8. Watch the pig races!

  9. Love the fair!!

  10. Eat fried foods, shop around at all the booths and watch the shows!!! Oh yeaaaahhh!!!!

  11. Oh what a fun giveaway! I love the fair and would looooove to take our boys

  12. Seeing my kids face on the rides.

  13. Try all the different types of fried food and kids LOVE the rides.

  14. I love to people watch!

  15. Can’t wait!

  16. Take my son to see the dirt bikes (his fave) and go on the kiddie motorcycle and quad rides. He LOVES those!!

  17. All of the fair food

  18. So generous!

  19. I Love the Food and my kids the rides!!!

  20. My favorite thing to do at the fair is try new foods!

    • I love being able to spend time with my family and enjoying all the rides and the delicious food

  21. So much fun. Love that place and havent been in a coupke years!

  22. Love all the delicious foods!

  23. I’d love to win some tickets for my family! 😀 we love the fair & it’s our tradition to go every year & take photobooth pics 😀

  24. Watching my son on the rides!

  25. I live taking my kids to see all of the animals!

  26. We haven’t been in 2 years! We would live to go!!

  27. All the yummy food!!

  28. We LOVE to go to OC Fair for the Family Village area. Last year’s goldfish is still swimming!

  29. We love going to the oc fair, winning tickets would be so awesome!

  30. Love the fair!

  31. We just went for the first time last year and had a blast. Cannot wait to go this year.

  32. This year will be our first time attending. Can’t wait!

  33. I would love this!

  34. We used to go every year but with my growing family money has been tight. We love the food, animals and all the vendor booths!

  35. My favorite thing is that it’s such a fun environment everyone is happy and we always have a great time. Delicious, food, games and rides. Love it!!

  36. We love to eat the fair foods. Also the demolition derby is cool and the live music. So much to do.

  37. the food and the Pig Races!!!

  38. The novelty and tradition of going. A hallmark of the summer!

  39. I love the wine workshops and tribute bands!

  40. Food and kids tent.

    • My kids and I will have a blast!

  41. This will be my first everything:)

  42. Never been here n im born in OC would love to take my kids for the summer

  43. My favorite thing is all the foooood!

  44. I love the OC Fair!!!! I would love to win tickets for me and my family!! 😀 😀 😀

  45. I actually haven’t been to the fair before. I can’t wait to finally go this summer and check out EVERYTHING! Especially the food!

  46. I love Eating the fried food!

  47. Me and the hubby love the food, and the kiddos love rides and games.

  48. Eat and listen to the music.

  49. I love the people watching! and cinnamon buns and animals, and photography….

  50. Eat!! My favorite thing to do at the OC fair is eat!! I love the variety!

  51. Wooohoo! I love the OC fair. 😀

  52. What a fun summer and family activity!

  53. Having my artwork on display in the Fine Arts Building.

  54. love celebrating birthdays here! its always fun and exciting!

  55. Love the fair!!

  56. Theres so much fun at the fair. . . I love the food and the fun things for kids!!!

  57. I love the fair best time of the year!

  58. First time taking my 2yr old daughter

  59. Love going to the fair looking at all the exhibits and tasting the different foods with the family. Good music too!

  60. Seeing friends who are vendors. And the sites.

  61. I love eating at the fair.

  62. People watching

  63. Haven’t been in a few years, but would love to go and spend some quality time with family and friends! I’ve always loved all the rides, games, and yummy food!

  64. My favorite thing to do at the fair is walk around with yummy food in hand and people watch 🙂 Also ride all the fun rides!

  65. Can’t wait to try the peanut butter cup donut!

  66. Excited to try all the new creations this year!!!

  67. The food, and spending quality time with my family

  68. Spending time with family an the food an concerts. Basically everything 🙂

  69. food. the best part of any vacation/event/activity is the food!

  70. Definitely the food, the food is the best part!

  71. I love the fair!

  72. Spending a great time with family and tasting lots of delicious food.

  73. Eat crazy food

  74. Eat the food of course : )

  75. My favorite thing to do is to ride all the crazy roller coasters!

  76. I love being able to spend time with my family and enjoying all the rides and the delicious food

  77. We love all the food and the Monster Truck show.

  78. I want to take my little guy to the fair for the first time.

  79. The rides and food

  80. Ok I’ll admit it, eat.

  81. Favorite thing is food and concerts

  82. This will be our first fair experience as a family!! Woot woot!!

  83. Our favorite is the hypnotist show. 😀

  84. Love the food, wish they would bring back the fried koolaid

  85. Trying all those crazy and yummy fair foods….Oh how I miss you fried kool-aid!

  86. EAT!!!

  87. My daughter has never been. We were not able to take her last year. This would be a wonderful opportunity for some classic family time.

  88. I love all the foods and the rides.

  89. Love it!!

  90. Food, Fun, and Family!

  91. Luv the eat all the different goodies!!!

  92. Love the music in the Hangar, plus hunting down all the bizarre fair food we can find 🙂

  93. Love the fair!

  94. The family fun!!!

  95. The farm is always fun!

  96. I love the hypnotist!!! Of course, I love the food and my daughter loves the rides!

  97. My boys love the fair!

    • the food and going on the rides with the kids! and some without 🙂

  98. Thie piglets!

  99. I love eating the mexican funnel cakes and riding any ride that spins and goes upside down!

  100. the food, rides (seeing the joy in their faces!) and i like the rides too!!
    (think i replied to someone else’s comment!)

  101. Always a great place to have fun with the family.

  102. The yummy food & seeing my daughter enjoy the kiddie rides! 🙂

  103. We love the OC Fair, and go every year.

    • Our fav things to do are to try new fried foods and check out the animals.

  104. My favorite thing to do at the fair is doing the shops and eating a funnel cake!

  105. eat!

  106. Haven’t gotten to go since the little man was in a stroller. Now that he’s 5, we would have a blast! (and a tummy ache) 😀

  107. Can’t wait

  108. Eat all the goodies and people watch

  109. My daughter LOVES the OC Fair!! If we win tix, we can go this summer and take my son for the first time!! I know he’d love the animals!!

  110. I love smelling the different smells and seeing what new crazy food invention is being introduced. 🙂

  111. I love everything about the fair…the games, the rides and especially all the FOOD!!! YUM!!

  112. Can’t wait to try the food. Always look forward to whatever new and crazy food they have every year.

  113. I love this fair, only one I go to and it always opens on my birthday or the weekend of 🙂

  114. Eating the fried food!

  115. My favorite thing to do at the fair is help my daughter play games!

  116. Love to take my babies to the petting zoo.

  117. We used to walk there and miss being so close! Live the food and animals!!!

  118. Love the fair!!

  119. Gotta love all that crazy fried food!

  120. Would love to take my fam for the first time! 🙂

  121. This would be the perfect birthday outing for my soon to be 3-year old (July 12), fun!

  122. My family loves to see the animals and the pig races!

  123. I love trying all the yummy food and shopping from unique sellers

  124. Our favorite thing is all the wonderful fair foods!!

  125. I love playing the games with my boyfriend!

  126. My favorite thing to do is EAT!!! 😀

  127. Fair food

  128. Always excited for this during the summer. 🙂

  129. Eat.

  130. NICE~

  131. EAT

  132. Wine tasting

  133. I love the food and the concerts, my kids love the farm and the rides.

  134. Would love to take my kids to the OC fair

  135. I love the time spent with family!

  136. I love the food, games, and memories made with my family and friends.

  137. The Zipper is the best ride ever.

  138. I love the OC Fair!!

  139. The food!

  140. I love to eat! Lol

  141. I love taking my son there to ride and play games and walk around with him. The best thing we never miss is the pig races!!!!!

  142. I’ve never been but would love to go!

  143. Checking out all of the fair food!

  144. The food!

  145. My husband and I go just for the fooood!

  146. We do!

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