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Winter Wonderland: CHILL at The Queen Mary


Now that you have some time between the holidays, you should check out the all-new CHILL at The Queen Mary! Whether you are looking for something fun and wildly different with the family, an outing as a couple or perhaps you want to gather a group of friends to play in the cold; it’s a great afternoon or evening of fun!

CHILL at The Queen Mary is a winter wonderland full of activities that make you smile! First thing you’ll notice is you are surrounded by the most amazing 38,000 sq. ft. Ice Adventure Park; you won’t know which activity to choose first with ice bumper cars, zip lining, sledding and our favorite; outdoor ice skating! We’re not talking about a small ice rink; you get to wander and skate on an ice path that takes you meandering through the entire land of CHILL!

Yes, you can even stop in your favorite village to explore, grab a bite or beverage and then pop back out to the ice. How fun is that, right? Before moving ahead, we suggest you to visit this site for a great variety of skates under $50.

We played like the big kids; racing around a track of ice at Shanghai Speedway on tricycles, popped over to Ice Tube down a slide and laughed so hard after whirling down that we had to catch our breath. We did this one several times because we love to laugh!

While taking a rest near the Northern Lights dome, we found ourselves inside one of the several Igloo’s available with a lovely heated living area. A moment to sit in awe at the beautiful synchronized light show that happens throughout the night; it’s gorgeous with all of the sparkly, colored lights illuminating the ice. When we stepped back outside, we felt the coolness of the winter wonderland as we stood watching the fireworks show!

You’ll find delicious food within each village; Germany, Switzerland, China to name a few. Each unique and allowing us to explore another part of the world through food, drinks, and activities. While in Russia we ran into a group of friends and shared conversation over a holiday beverage near the fire. We were all in agreement on how much fun we were having and thought, they should have an Adventure Land available year round.

Off we scattered to take in our last hour; we watched a bit of ballet, observed people zip lining, played in a game of ice shuffleboard and devoured a Bavarian Pretzel and Bratwurst. One last run of Ice Tubing and we were done; tired and smiling. We had wandered, chatted with friends, found new friends and played in countries we’ve never even been too! Hands down, we agreed it was a ton of fun!

Good news for all of you! CHILL at The Queen Mary is here until January 7th, giving you the chance to explore six different regions of the world and play with friends, family or your sweetheart. We hope you enjoy and have just as much fun as we did! Have a CHILL-tastic time!

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Darice is a very active mother of a gorgeous daughter. Darice, enjoys a career in sales, surrounded by many friends and family; always taking on another opportunity for growing and networking. A people person who embraces trying new things, helping others, a social butterfly and enjoys cheering on her niece and nephew at soccer and/or volleyball games.
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