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Is Working from Home Giving You Back Pain?

If in March last year, when bars, shops, and offices closed, would you be surprised if somebody told you one of the things you might miss the most is your office chair? Probably. And yet, people all over the world are finding that as elongated periods at home continue, during which they constantly switch from bed to dining room chair to sofa, they’re pining for proper lumbar support.

Now, as lockdown eases, a number of organizations are considering making working from home permanent. So, with this in mind, what are the best places where you should sit when working from home?

Working From Your Bed

Most experts frown upon working from your bed because of the fact you will begin to associate your bed with work. The issue with working from home is that you begin mixing your home life and your professional life. Naturally, there is an appeal to working in your bed all day for comfort; however, you may want to consider investing in something that offers that comfort, but that isn’t what you associate with sleep or rest.

People all over the country have been taking to companies like Sumo for comfortable places to sit, such as large bean bags, that they can associate with just work. Regardless of how you recreate the comfort of your bed, you should try to keep your personal and professional life separate to maintain a good work-life balance.

Working From the Dining Table

For most people, working from the dining table was the immediate option when work became remote. Though a dining table and chairs best resemble an office desk, it is missing vital elements such as lumbar support, which is normally provided by the curve at the base of office chairs.

Dining room chairs can often be too high to work comfortably from for elongated periods of time. When people work from a dining room chair, they need to raise their arms and shoulders to do so, which can cause pain in the shoulders and neck and even lead to tension headaches.

It is possible to make working at the dining room table more comfortable by simply placing your feet on the floor, as this creates a stable base that prevents your spine from collapsing when you sit. If you have trouble with your feet touching the floor when you sit, you should place a cushion or box down there to help.

Working on the Sofa

The sofa is always extremely inviting but working from there comes with a couple of issues. The first is the same as working from your bed, in that you will blur the lines between the comforting and inviting nature of your sofa with your work life.

The other is that this could result in lower back pain due to the fact the sofa does not come with much support for the lower back. You would benefit from sitting on the edge of your sofa, as opposed to leaning into it.

Working From Home in The Future

If you are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, you may want to invest in some equipment that you can specifically associate with work. Keeping your work and personal life separate is incredibly important and can be in jeopardy when having to work remotely.

You should also ensure that where you work is comfortable. If you begin to experience neck, shoulder, or back pain, you should consider how you are sitting and alter it until you find a way that suits you.

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