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World Premiere of Disney’s Aladdin

We attended the Aladdin premiere as a guest of Disney

Aladdin is one of my daughter’s favorite stories of all-time. We got a chance to see the film last week, and she fell in love with the live action film just as much as the animated version. She loved the movie so much, and I was thrilled to surprise her with the news that we would see it again at the world premiere!

World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin in Los Angeles

She nearly fainted when I told her the night before that I would be picking her up early from school to attend the premiere. She immediately started going through her closet in search of the perfect dress to walk down the carpet wearing.

Ella Barone at the World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin

The morning of the premiere, I picked my daughter up early from school, and we went to Los Angeles. We started at the DryBar, getting pampered with a fresh blow-out and curls. Once our hair was done, it was time to drive over to the El Capitan Theatre for the world premiere.

Drybar in Los Angeles

The minute that we arrived at the El Capitan, you could feel the excitement in the air as fans were lined up along the street in hopes of getting a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. We got our tickets and then slowly made our way down the “purple” carpet.

Shelby Barone at the World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin

Cameras were flashing as we walked down the carpet, and my daughter was overwhelmed with happiness. It was one of her favorite red carpet premieres of all-time. While walking down the carpet, we bumped into Scott Weinger (the original voice of Aladdin). He was so kind and took a moment to take a selfie with my daughter. She was shaking from the excitement of getting to meet him.

Original Voice of Aladdin

After the last celebrity arrived and the final pictures had been taken, it was time to take our seats in the theater to see the movie. The second that the movie started and the names appeared on the screen, the entire crowd cheered and clapped. I felt chills go down my spine.

Shelby and Ella at the World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin

During the movie, we cried, and we laughed. Oh, how we laughed. Will Smith did a fantastic job as the Genie, and Naomi Scott delivered a stellar performance as Jasmine. The best part of the film was the music and the choreography done by Jamal Sims. The dance scenes were incredible, some of the best I have ever seen in a movie.

World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin at the El Capitan Theatre

After the film, everyone walked over to The Roosevelt Hotel, where we celebrated the film. During the party, there was food, tasty desserts, entertainment, and lots of crafts for the kids. We mingled with the cast of the film while sipping on wine and capturing photos to remember the night.

World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin after party

It was a night my daughter and I will remember forever. Don’t miss seeing Disney’s Aladdin in theaters this Friday!

World Premiere of Disney's Aladdin in LA

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