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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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The World’s Largest Treehouse at Bravo Farms

World's Largest Treehouse at Bravo Farms

While on our way to Yosemite National Park, we had to make many stops along the way. While on one of our stops along the freeway, we discovered the world famous seven story treehouse at Bravo Farms in Traver. It was one of the most exciting discoveries while on our adventure, and one of the neatest places to explore while on your way to visiting Yosemite.

Antique signs at Bravo Farms

Bravo Farms Traver

California or Bust

Chickens at Bravo Farms

Chickens through a hole

We could have spent all day at Bravo Farms, and had trouble getting the kids to leave. There are nicknacks galore and so many neat little things to discover. The world’s tallest treehouse is the highlight of visiting Bravo Farms. It is seven stories, and I even had fun climbing up the small wooden staircase to the top of the massive treehouse. Playing in the treehouse is free, however, a donation is greatly accepted.

Coke Bottles

Coke drinking fountain

Front of Bravo Farms

Famous treehouse

Entering the Bravo Farms Treehouse

Don't drink the water

Once we were done playing in the treehouse, our kids spent time looking at the different animals and flying down the fun slides. There are little playhouses around the farm, an arcade and even a miniature golf track.

Kid riding a tractor

Kid playing game at Bravo Farms

Hand feed chickens

going down slide at bravo farms

Kids talking to a parrot

Lots of tonka dump trucks

Lots of tonka trucks

Outdoor dining at Bravo Farms

There is also a small restaurant where families can get sandwiches (it was closed on the day we visited), a massive gift shop and cheese bar. We purchased some delicious nuts and cheese to enjoy on the final leg of our road trip from the gift shop.


Seating area at Bravo Farms

Seven stroy treehouse

Table in treehouse

Tree house with slide

Tonka Truck playground

Things for sell at Bravo Farms

There is no way down

Bravo Farms is located at 36005 Hwy 99, Traver, CA 93673. Don’t miss making a stop with your children while on your way to Yosemite National Park.

Worlds famous treehouse

Walkway to treehouse

Video game room

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