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Yoga Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Time


I love coffee. I love yoga. I have a full time career. Now guess which one of those is the hardest to fit into my schedule? You guessed it, YOGA! But when I met Caffe Yoga’s founder and skilled yogi, Kimberly Tollman, she reminded me that yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. As a woman in today’s high paced society, it’s hard to always remember that, but at the end of the day, we must.


Walking into their charming studio, I was impressed with their large one room space, but not overwhelmed with the typical excessive yogapant shop-in-shop or over eccentric receptionist. Their studio is warm, inviting and adorned with incredible custom art pieces from local artists. The main wall is backlit with a large colorful mandala overlay, which provided a peaceful background to my vinyasa flow. Their backroom offers private Reiki sessions, a special form of healing, and has a coffee & tea cart that is complimentary before or after any class (Monday/Wednesday from 9am to 10am). A great way to boost caffeine during our busy lives!


I joined Caffe Yoga for their Sunday morning “Rise and Shine, It’s Vinyasa Time” class. The class itself was slower paced, but done so for good reason. The goal is to stretch your muscles out slowly with specific movements that engage your core and build strength. In addition to concentrating on your breath to allow your mind to lose its focus (I mean how many times do we get that opportunity!) and become one with your practice. The instructor paid close attention to my movements with positive affirmations and helped me if I needed to re-align properly. I’ve learned that’s its more important to center your energy on your breathing and how your body reacts to poses vs. rushing through them and assuming mastering the pose is all that counts. Again that mantra applies, “It Gives Time” to your mind, to your soul, and to allow yourself to release whatever tension you’re carrying.


I was so impressed with Caffe Yoga that I returned for their “Align Flow – ½ Hot” Class one day after work that next week. The title alone caught my interest because when I do find time for yoga, I typically gravitate towards a more intense class or hot yoga, but sometimes a full 105 degree class after a hectic day in the office can be overbearing and more exhausting than helpful. This class offers the benefits of a traditional Bikram hot yoga class, but at a more enticing 84 degrees. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to forget your water or towel, but you’ll leave feeling enegrized, not dizzy! Again the instructor was thorough and I was able to learn a new pose that in all my years of practice, I’ve never known. She went slow to teach us the proper way to grasp it, then we were able to move into it with transitions faster and faster and really feel the burn while still getting that core strengthening goal we all aim for…goodbye belly fat!


One look at Caffe Yoga’s schedule (check out their website) and you’ll have no excuse to pass on this studio. They offer an array of classes to accommodate all skill levels and time frames each day. They even have a 45 minute lunch time class (personally I have zero excuses now, lol!)


Kimberly (founder) is keen on introducing new techniques and ideas including a “Buti Yoga” class that combines a Zumba like environment with high paced yoga poses with tribal dance as well as coordinating an outside hike nearby their studio ending with a 45 minute nature yoga class where you’ll close your eyes during your downward dog hearing the birds chirping and smelling fall upon us.

Come join me at Caffe Yoga Saturday, September 17th from 5:00-8:00pm to celebrate their Birthday! Who doesn’t love a little vino, sweet treat and acroyoga entertainment (couples yoga)!

Caffe Yoga Studio Location: The District in Tustin (ask for Kim!)
Check out their site for daily offered class times:

Nicole Sebring is a young professional who loves to travel, stay fit and live life to its fullest. She’s a true California beach girl, with a passion for the ocean and enjoys surfing, paddle boarding & diving. As a Sr. Visual Merchandising Manager for the action sports retailer, Tilly’s, she’s on the pulse of fashion, music and pop culture. Nicole has a close relationship with her mom, Darice Sebring, who also blogs for
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