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Yoga on Tap

Yoga is a powerful practice and important to our minds, bodies and souls, but sometimes we can take it a bit to seriously. Haus of Show is here to help you remember to crack a smile when you’re standing strong in your tree pose.

Yoga Classes in Newport Beach

Our Haus is built on the philosophy that fitness can be fun, experiential yet still provide healthy benefits. We bring outdoor workouts such as yoga, surfing and SUP to our OC communities for all levels at an affordable price.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Malarky’s; Helmsman Ale House to bring you “YOGA ON TAP”, a 1hr Vinyasa Flow offered every other Tuesday evening from 6pm-7pm on Malarky’s new outdoor grass patio. And of the course, serving up a pint of ice cold Helmsman Ale to each of our yogis.

How do you practice yoga with a beer, you ask? Very carefully, ha! No, no – It’s actually easier than you may think! Our certified yoga instructor will show you the secret to holding your pint thru postures with ease. By the end of class, you’ll be a pro!

As a yoga tribe we’ll come to our mats, set our intention and kick off class with a long “spiritual” sip. Moving thru our flow we’ll combine traditional vinyasa postures while holding our pints high in the sky, bringing them thru to our heart’s center.

We’ll focus on balance, core strength and awareness as we practice our bend & brew. The beer is an ice breaker to meet your new yogi neighbors, but the yoga is there to teach us the wonderous medicine that comes with our practice. After class yogis are invited to hang on the lawn and enjoy Malarky’s famous Irish menu & bar.

We’re pouring our next “YOGA ON TAP” Tuesday, August 25th, so bring your mat & bring your friends!

Event Details

Haus of Show

**$15 per yogi (paid at the door)
**1hr Vinyasa Flow
**All Levels Welcome
**1 Helmsman Ale


Beer Yoga

32nd Street
Newport Beach

Nama-stout Yogis!

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