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Yosemite Guided Snowshoe Hike

We stayed as a guest of Tenaya

Snow play in Yosemite

One thing that I have always been wanting to try is a snowshoe hike. When I was visiting Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite this year, I made reservations at the hotel concierge to take my daughter with me on a snowshoe hike.

Hiking trail near Tenaya Lodge

snowshoe hiking in Yosemite

We met our tour guide in the lobby, and she brought us to a closet to be fitted for our snow shoes. Since there was not enough snow on the ground to wear traditional snowshoes, we ended up doing the hike with “spiked” snow shoes. The snowshoe wrapped around our snow boots, and we were ready to start our hike.

Beautiful trees in Yosemite

Creek Near Tenaya Lodge

Ella and Shelby Barone in Yosemite

Ella Barone in Yosemite

The tour guide took us on a beautiful hike that starts right at the Tenaya Lodge parking lot. The trail leads to a magnificent creek that is adorned with ice crystals. While on our hike, the tour guide stopped to talk to our children about the different trees that are along the trail. We got to touch and even taste some of the branches from the trees!

Family Fun at Tenaya Lodge

Hiking at Tenaya Lodge

Holding an ice crystal in Yosemite

The hike was a chance for us to disconnect from the stresses of daily life and connect with each other while surrounded by beautiful nature. We stopped at the creek to have a little snowball fight and touch the ice crystals that covered the water. My daughter was mesmerized by the beauty of each individual piece of ice that sat upon the water.

Ice Crystals in Yosemite

Ice crystals on the water in Yosemite

Learning about plants in Yosemite

Making a snow angel in Yosemite

The hike took about one hour and is good for all ages. It was my favorite part of our trip, and I highly recommend families going on a guided snowshoe hike while staying at Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite.

Playing in the snow at Tenaya Lodge

Small tress in the snow at Yosemite

snowball fight in Yosemite

Once we returned to Tenaya Lodge, we continued to have more fun in the snow by sledding on the ramps at the hotel and then enjoying s’mores by the fire pit.

Winter creeks in Yosemite

Winter hikes in Yosemite

Reservations for a guided snowshoe hike are available at the Tenaya Lodge concierge.

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