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Yosemite Lewis Creek Trail to Corlieu Falls

Corlieu Falls in Yosemite

Yosemite is beautiful beyond measure. The only downside is that it can be challenging to find a “child-friendly” trail that is not crowded, and you need to be able to hike a longer distance to enjoy the beauty of the National Park without the crowds. While we were talking to some locals that were visiting Tenaya Lodge for the holiday tree lighting, they had recommended that we stop at Lewis Creek Trail on our way home to see Corlieu Falls.

Hiking on Lewis Creek Trail

Kia Sorento in Yosemite

Kids Hiking in Yosemite

Kids Hiking Lewis Creek Trail

Leaves on a hiking trail

The trail was at a lower elevation, so we didn’t have to worry about there being too much ice on the trail, and there was plenty of parking at the turn-out. We parked the 2016 Kia Sorento that we drove to Yosemite, and embarked on our favorite hike of our visit to Yosemite National Park.

Hiking in Yosemite

Forest Surrounding Yosemite

fall foliage

fall foliage in Yosemite

Exploring Nature in Yosemite

The beginning of the trail was a little icy and then it turned into the most beautiful place on earth. Everything was covered with green moss, and the leaves were the most beautiful shades of orange and yellow. It was like we had entered a different world.

Beautiful Nature in Yosemite

Beautiful tree

Beginning of Lewis Creek Trail

Best Family Hike in Yosemite

Best Kid-Friendly Trail Yosemite

The trail was narrow and twisted around hundreds of trees, and we descended. We had the entire trail to ourselves, and our children were able to stop and take their time to admire every detail of the beautiful nature that surrounded them.

Children Hiking in Yosemite

Corlieu Falls in Yosemite

Corlieu Falls

Ella Barone at Corlieu Falls

Ella Barone

The best part was saved for last as we reached Corlieu Falls. The hike was perfect for families with younger children and took us about 20 minutes to reach the falls. There was a large wooden platform at the base of the falls where our kids were able to admire the beautiful waterfall safely. If you’re traveling with older children, you can continue about 1-2 hours to a much larger waterfall, Red Rock Falls.

Trees changing colors in Yosemite

watching Corlieu Falls

Water at the bottom of Corlieu Falls

Winter meets Fall in Yosemite

Yosemite Trail for Kids

The only downside was that everything going back was uphill. We took our time making our way back up the trail to the car before heading home.

Steps built into the Lewis Creek Trail

OC Kid Hiking Yosemite

Moss covered tree in Yosemite

Map to Corlieu Falls

Lewis Creek Trail

This trail is not one to miss with visiting Yosemite with children. The trail is a 1/2 mile round trip, and your kids will get to see nature and a waterfall without the crowds. The trail is easy to spot when leaving Yosemite National Park, and the GPS coordinates are Longitude: -119.624247600 and Latitude: 37.415572800.

Andrew Barone

2016 Kia Sorento

2016 Kia Sorento AWD

The 2016 Kia Sorento was provided to us on behalf of KIA.

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