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Young Entrepreneurs Take on Business

Siblings at Village of Hope Prepare to Sell their Wares at the OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair

Siblings at Village of Hope

Orange County Rescue Mission, in its continuing efforts to promote the importance of child innovation and entrepreneurship, will host the OC Holiday Children’s Business Fair on Saturday, November 2 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm at Village of Hope, located at 1 Hope Drive in Tustin, California.

OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair will feature booths hosted by students from local elementary and middle schools as well as children living at Village of Hope. All participants are between the ages of 6 and 14.

This post is the first in a series following two young entrepreneurs, 11-year-old Cali and her 7-year-old brother Johnny as they prepare for the OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair. Cali and Johnny moved to Village of Hope with their mom, dad, and younger brothers to get the assistance they need to overcome the many challenges that led to their homelessness. After researching various product opportunities, the two decided they will sell tasty jalapeno poppers at the event. The reasoning as to why they chose this spicy treat to sell will not only warm your mouths but will also warm your hearts.

Johnny and Cali chose jalapeno poppers as their go-to item because, “Whenever we are at family gatherings, all of our grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles love to eat them, so we thought other people would like them, too,” said Johnny. The pair look forward to sharing their family tradition with the public and are expecting some family members to attend to be the ultimate critics of their product.

“We want our jalapeno poppers to be delicious enough that our family members will love them,” said Cali. “If our family loves them, we know other people will love them too.”

When asked about his thoughts about how to be a successful entrepreneur, Johnny said, “You start off tiny and then you build a tower of business.” With insight like that, it’s no wonder Johnny and Cali are poised for success.
To prepare for the Business Fair, Johnny and Cali are in the process of compiling the necessary ingredients for their product and determining who will be in charge of what. Cali’s strengths are math and deciding what ingredients need to be purchased while Johnny’s strengths are enthusiasm and promoting their business at the Fair. As entrepreneurs they balance each other out and are considered to be a dynamic duo!

“Our next step is to book kitchen time to make a practice batch,” said Cali. “That way we will know about how long it will take to make a certain amount of poppers, which will help us learn to manage our time.”

The community is invited and encouraged to attend this free holiday event to support some of the youngest entrepreneurs in Orange County while getting a head start on their holiday shopping.

Parents who are interested in learning how their child can participate in the OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair can register by visiting or contact Ashley Binder at [email protected] for additional information.

OC Children’s Holiday Business Fair is hosted and sponsored by Orange County Rescue Mission with the goal of developing the skills kids need for future self-sufficiency and success.

For more information regarding the OC Children’s Business Fair, visit

Children’s Holiday Business Fair

November 2nd
11am to 1:30pm


Village of Hope
1 Hope Drive
Tustin, California

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