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Why You’re Always In Panic Mode, And What To Do About It

Life is tough enough without anxiety. But if you’re always in panic mode, that can make it even harder. Not only do you have to deal with difficult people, tough situations, illness and financial uncertainty, but you also have to cope with your internal state as well. 

Being in panic mode all the time is something almost uniquely human. In nature, animals don’t experience it. Instead, they have flashes of fear when confronting a predator, and then return to baseline within a few minutes of the encounter. 

But people are different. We can remain in panic mode for hours, days or even weeks at a time. For those unfortunately souls among us, it can also be our default state. 

The number of people living with serious, chronic anxiety is higher than you might think. It’s a condition believed to affect around 18 percent of the population, and is more likely to develop in women. 

Anxiety is more common today than in the past, but the underlying causes are still the same: an unhealthy preoccupation with what might happen in the future

The good news is that there are multiple ways to reduce the impact of panic on your life. Here’s what you need to do. 

Restore Balance To Your Nervous System

Over time, our nervous systems can get out of whack. Eventually, it can get to the point where we’re not able to relax at all, no matter how much we try. 

As Simply CBD explains, though, there are potential ways to restore this balance. Certain compounds circulate in the body, encouraging the release of hormones that put the body back into a state of balance. What’s more, these chemicals are highly targeted and mimic natural compounds already present, so they don’t run the risk of creating dependencies. 

Practice Breathing

If you notice yourself breaking out into a nervous sweat, stop for a couple of minutes and practice some deep breathing. 

Take six long inhales, and six long exhales, each lasting around fifteen seconds. You’ll find that this helps to restore normal function of your nervous system and that you feel far calmer afterwards.

If six breaths doesn’t work, continue breathing deeply inwards and outwards for as long as it takes. Focus on the air going in and out of your mouth. If you notice your mind wandering, bring it back to center. 

Notice The Narratives Your Mind Creates

You want your mind to be your friend, not your enemy. However, that’s not what it’s set up to do. The brain wants to survive, not for you to be happy. 

The trick here is to get the brain to work in ways that serve you. If you notice that you’re having negative thoughts, challenge them. Ask yourself whether evidence really backs up your fears. 

For instance, suppose you’re worried about losing your job. Does the data around you suggest that you will? Almost certainly not. 
Getting out of panic mode requires commitment. However, there are various strategies that you can use to improve your internal life and move forward with confidence.

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