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Zootopia Zoo Snacks

Zootopia Zoo Snacks

Sometimes my house can feel like a zoo. There are often kids running in and out the front door like a stampede of elephants, and I often have little growling tigers who don’t get their way. I know that I’m not alone, and life can often feel like a zoo for many parents. How do I calm my little monkeys when they are swinging from the ceiling? I serve them a healthy and delicious snack.

In celebration of the upcoming film, “Zootopia,” I surprised the kids this afternoon with these tasty zoo snacks themed snacks – and they loved every delicious bite.

Animal Cracker Zoo Themed Snack

Making the fun zoo snacks is simple. All you need are bananas (for the monkeys), peanut butter (for the elephants), and animal crackers (for the kids). I guarantee that these snacks will satisfy even the wildest little lion in your household.

How do you make the Zootopia Zoo Snacks?

Step one: Cut a banana into 1″ slices.
Step two: Top the banana slices with peanut butter
Step three: Top the banana and peanut butter with your favorite animal cracker
Step four: Share with your kids

Surprise your kids with these yummy, and nutritious snacks after school this week. Then share with them the recent trailer for the upcoming film “Zootopia” and get ready to see it in theaters on March 4th.


Learn more about Zootopia online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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